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Keep Tree Roots Out Of Your Drains

All the plumbers that provide our Armadale plumbing services have trees in their gardens. We love trees and we believe in planting new trees wherever we can. But the roots of trees are the most common cause of blocked drains, which is why Precision Electrical and Plumbing has a team ready to help if your tree roots get in the way.

It’s easy to see why and how this happens. Quite simply, drains and moisture go hand in hand, and most trees need lots of moisture to grow. If you think about it for a moment, every type of drain, be it a stormwater drain, a sewer or any type of drain that leads from a house, is going to attract roots because it has what the roots are looking for – water. Then what happens is that the root will break through the drain. There’s not a whole lot you will be able to do about it, unless you are able to replace the drain. We can do this for you, but sometimes it is a major job.

What happens is that once the roots have accessed the drain, there will be even more water to help them grow. That’s when the roots start blocking the space that has been created for water and other stuff to discharge out of the drainage system. And this is why tree roots are such a problem. You can clear the roots by digging into the drain and cutting the offending bits away, but they will simply carry on growing and a few months later you will be back to digging and cutting. Since roots usually damage drains when they penetrate the area, you’ll probably also have leaks at this stage – and these will probably attract more roots. It’s a vicious circle.

So, What Can You Do?

This might sound silly, but you need to start out by finding out more about problem trees. If you realise that some trees have more potentially damaging roots, you will be a step ahead before you even begin landscaping and planting new trees on your property. And if you move onto a new (even a possibly established) property, you can identify trees that are likely to damage your drainage system.

Presuming you live in the Melbourne area (Armadale included), the most dangerous trees in terms of drains include camphor laurel, fig trees,  rubber plants (did you ever wonder why they grow so quickly and easily?), poplars, alders, and willows.

If you are building from scratch or are in a position to replace drains, PVC pipes are a splendid idea. As long as they are laid correctly, PVC pipes are a lot less likely to attract root growth. They are also less likely to collapse if the ground subsides.

If you find you do have a problem with roots, it’s a good idea to call in a qualified and reputable company like Precision Electrical and Plumbing that offers Armadale plumbing services. We can give you a video report that shows how far down the drain the roots have affected the system and indicate which trees are likely to be at fault. Then you can decide whether to take action to clear roots or whether you will need to cut down the “guilty” trees.

Preventive maintenance is always better than the cure and this is true with your house drainage system. We have several options available to maintain your drain. First is our video drain camera which we push through the length of your drain and provide you, if you wish, with the video file for reference at a later date. The next option is to use a high pressure ( 5000psi) water jet that will not only cut the roots from the drain but clean the sides of the pipe as well. The next option is to have a herbicide put through the drain to keep the roots growing back as slow as possible.

If you need help, call the pros at Precision Electrical and Plumbing today.


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