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Carrum Electrical Services

If you are in Carrum, hiring the right electrician might seem challenging, given that there are so many electricians.

Our team of licensed electricians at Precision Electrical and Plumbing on the job are backed by years of experience in all things electrical. You can trust us as we’re available 24x7 and just a call away.

We are the leading electrical company for all your servicing and repair needs. We have a team of highly trained qualified electricians who can provide reliable services anytime.

We are here for you 24x7. All that’s necessary is to reach us on (03) 9511 1336 and share your needs with one of our representatives, who will then assign an electrician best suited towards meeting those needs! We also value time tremendously; rest assured knowing we’ll be at your doorstep by match scheduled arrival time.

Electrical Services

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Emergency Electrician in Carrum

Carrum Emergency Electrician

If you find yourself in need of emergency repairs, be sure not to touch any wires. Your family’s safety depends on it! A local electrician with the proper skill set will get there as soon and safely as possible so they can perform record time fixes for your business or home.

When your lights go out, or the electricity goes south, you want it fixed as soon as possible. That’s why all across Carrum, we are known for our fast and timely services.

Smoke Detector Installs & Maintenance

Keeping your smoke alarm updated is essential to ensure that you are alerted if there’s an emergency. And that is where we come into the picture. We can service your smoke alarm on an annual basis for both homes and offices, making sure everything works properly and is operating as it should.

Also, we can install a new smoke alarm for your property. In this case, it will be necessary to use an outlet circuit or lighting cable and bring power in from outside your home so that our experienced electricians can successful connect your new device.

Apart from proper installation, you should regularly test smoke alarms to identify any signs of faults. On that note, we can help you fix blaring smoke alarms or muffled sounds caused by dust and other problems. Nevertheless, please don’t play with fire. Hire our local electricans for reliable smoke alarm repairs.

Smoke Detector Install
Smoke Detector Maintenance
Electrician for Lighting

Lighting Installs & Maintenance

If you have moved into a new home and need to install a fresh set of lights or redo the lighting, we are here to help. We work with the latest technologies to help you get outdoor lights and sensor lights installed. We can do that too, thanks to our electricians who have years of experience repairing and installing lights.

Hiring an licensed electrician is key to ensuring that your new lights are installed correctly and won’t cause any problems down the line. They’ll study what’s around you recommend fixtures for placement based on their expertise with electricity in general — not just one specific type of lighting systems like fluorescents.

We’ll make sure your home is cool enough with a fan! You can even consult us if you want to install one yourself. We’re here for all of the answers and will guide every step along this process, so there’s no confusion or worries about what needs to be done next; the team at Precision Electrical wants nothing more than providing friendly, expert service that meets customer expectations — which means having a piece of expert knowledge in their field when it comes down installing fans into buildings as well as being able to help those who might not know where start from scratch on something like selecting colours/finishes etc.

CCTV Systems

Today, most houses and offices have CCTV security systems, and you may want one installed as well. All you need to do is purchase a new security system before booking an appointment with us. You can consult our local electricians to ensure the monitors are placed in the appropriate locations. We will then run cables to power the cameras and ensure the system is working efficiently before we leave.

You can rest assured that our skilled electricians can install security systems quickly. Our team will guide you through the available options — ranging from expensive to budget-friendly yet reliable equipment.

We understand that any malfunctioning devices in the system may pose a threat to your family’s or business safety. We are available 24 hours for emergencies in Carrum, so there are no delays.

CCTV Solutions
HVAC Installations

Carrum Split System Repairs

Whether you want to install an aircon in your home or replace your current one, our local electricians are here. We can help install both split systems and centralised cooling solutions so that everyone stays cool during hot days.

You may have just recently installed an aircon, but you need to ensure that the gas levels are maintained and the system is serviced correctly. In addition, it might be necessary for routine maintenance such as changing coils or filters.

We are the best at fixing any cooling faults, from malfunctions and low refrigerant levels to dirty condenser coils or a fan that doesn’t work. In addition, our electricians can take care of your thermostat that isn’t working correctly by adjusting it remotely, so you never have trouble again! We want our customers to leave feeling like we have made a difference.

Split Systems

Local Commercial Electrician

Reach out to us today if you need commercial electrical services in Carrum. We always aim for our client’s satisfaction by providing reliable and affordable solutions that can meet all your needs, from lighting up the space with low-cost bulbs or installing alarm systems without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for an electrical company to handle your yearly maintenance work or book us in on a project, look no further than the Precision Electrical. We offer reliable services that will get the job done right and take care of all aspects from start to finish, making it easy as pie.

If you’re looking for a high-quality electrical company in Carrum, look no further than our team at Precision Electrical. We offer residential service and commercial work to guarantee that your electronics will always be powered up.

Commercial Electrician
Meter Box Repairs

Switch Board Updates and Replacements

One of the primary reasons why your powerboard may need to be repaired is if it has overloaded. This means the circuit breaker is working overtime and could be continuously tripping. Ring us now if you find that your lights are flickering or switching off in intervals.

To make sure your switchboard is in the best condition, it is best not to overload the power outlets in your property.

If you notice any unusual signs of a faulty power board, such as smells and sparks coming from your electric range or oven — don’t hesitate to pick up the phone! Our local electricans will be happy to help identify what might have caused it. They may also suggest repair work or give recommendations for replacement.

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We had a wonderful experience with Justin and team from Precision Electrical and Plumbing. Extremely professional and OUTSTANDING workmanship. Knew what the problems was and fixed it so quickly. Couldn't recommend high enough!

Anna Theophilos

Anna Theophilos

Justin of Precision Electrical and Plumbing is a first class operator. It is excellent to have someone who is a qualified electrician and plumber! Justin always keeps me informed of when he will be at my apartment to carry out the various plumbing and electrical problems I have.

Kathleen Richardson

Kathleen Richardson

I have been using Precision Electrical & Plumbing for years and would never use anyone else. The team have done everything from fitting out the electrical and plumbing in my bathroom renovation, to fixing my emergency kitchen sink.

Lexi Ammann

Lexi Ammann

I’m very happy to have hot water again. One phone call and an hour later the hot water system was connected to the gas. Very professional and efficient. Thank you.

Anna Eu

Anna Eu

I would recommend Justin anytime. His work and precision is second to none. He is always available for a call to discuss things or to come out any time. Don't look anywhere else Justin and his team are fantastic.

Nina Evans

Nina Evans

Justin and the team are one of a kind. They are always there when you need them the most and go above and beyond at all times.

Louisa Wells

Louisa Wells

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