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Ringwood East Electrical Services

When you’re in Ringwood East and need an electrician, it can be a challenge to know who is right for your issues. There are so many Melbourne electricians.

If you’re having trouble with your home’s power, it could be time to call in a professional. An incorrectly installed connector or a faulty outlet can uncovering more underlying severe faults like loose wires and repairs that were done incorrectly.

We take pride in our commitment to transparency and customer service. Our team will always be involved throughout the entire process so that you know exactly what’s going on with your work, from start to finish!

Hire our experts for all your electrical needs! We’re available 24 hours a day, from emergency repairs to routine maintenance, and will provide you with prompt service at competitive prices.


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Precision Electrical and Plumbing

Ringwood East Emergency Electrician

If you find yourself in need of emergency repairs, be sure not to touch any wires. Your family’s safety depends on it! A local expert with the proper skill set will get there as soon and safely as possible so they can perform record time fixes for your home or business.

When your lights go out, or the electricity goes south, you want it fixed as soon as possible. That’s why all across Ringwood East, we are known for our quick and timely services.

Smoke Detector Maintenance & Installs

Smoke alarms can save lives provided that they are in working condition. First off, you must always hire an electrician Ringwood East who is well-equipped and trained to perform the meticulous job of installing smoke alarms, whether they are hardwired or battery-operated.

With our help, you can keep your home and family safe. We are specialists in electrical installation and replacement. We’ve already helped hundreds of Ringwood East residents maintain the safety within their homes by fixing or upgrading old devices to ensure they comply with all current state laws. Let us know how we may be able to help you.

Keeping your smoke alarm up to date is a safety requirement. That’s why we offer services for installing interconnected smoke detectors to ensure that no matter what happens, you are safe. Whether it’s new construction or an upgrade — our experts can keep you protected.

Smoke Detector Installs
Lighting Electrical

Lighting Installs & Repairs

The lights and fans in your house can be tricky to keep working correctly. That’s why we’re here for you! Be it a malfunctioning LED light inside or outdoor lamps that may need replacement, our team has got everything under control with fast service from the start — to finish — guaranteed not one thing will go wrong. In contrast, trusty service takes care of business.

The electricians at our company are the best in their field. They will come to your home for a seamless install and ensure that all lights work correctly, no matter what kind you want! We can install indoor or outdoor fixtures — just let us know beforehand.

When our local electricians install new lights, they may drill into the walls and add electric lines. They will then connect your light with an included switch installed onto one of their boards for you! The process can be complicated, but don’t stress because we’re working hard at all hours, so everything gets done efficiently while still looking great.


Surveillance Systems

Keep your property safe, and secure with high-tech security systems complete with CCTV cameras. Whether you need a camera installed for residential safety or a security system for your business, we can help!

You can rest assured that our skilled technicians can install CCTV systems quickly. Our friendly experts will guide you through the available options — ranging from expensive to budget-friendly yet reliable equipment.

You can always rely on us to be there for you. We provide the best electricians in Ringwood East. A fast phone call or email is all it takes if your project requires help from an electrician to install your security system.

Security Cameras
AC Installations

Ringwood East Air Conditioning

Staying cool this summer is almost impossible without an air conditioner. Installing one in your home will be necessary once the heat arrives, so don’t wait! Whether you want to go with split units for convenience or centralised systems — our installation services can help get it done quick and efficiently.

If you need an air conditioning unit, our experts can help! We’ve had the opportunity to work with many different brands over time and now have a wealth of knowledge on what type will be best for your home. Call us up anytime, anywhere in Ringwood East.Our licensed electricians are always ready when needed most.

We are the best at fixing any cooling faults, from malfunctions and low refrigerant levels to dirty condenser coils or a fan that doesn’t work. In addition, our professionals can take care of your thermostat that isn’t working correctly by adjusting it remotely, so you never have trouble again! We want our clients to leave feeling like we have made a difference.

Commercial Electrician

Hiring our team of electricians will give you the peace — of mind that comes from knowing your business is in good hands. We have all types, and styles, so no matter what specialised needs arise — extensive power upgrades or simple installations like light fixtures and switches; we’re ready for any situation.

Handing over the management of your electrical maintenance to us will free up time so that you can focus on other tasks. We have experience handling projects ranging from installation, renovations or minor repairs work right through to significant enhancements such as new wiring systems for homes with solar panels fitted onto them — whatever is needed.

We won’t begin work until you approve of the prices. Phone or email today if interested in commercial electrical services, and we will be with you at your convenience.

Commercial Electrician
Meter Box Updates

Meter Box Updates and Repairs

Your powerboard may be overloaded if the circuit breaker is constantly tripping. Call us immediately if you notice any signs such as your flickering lights or turning off in intervals.

We recommend directly plugging in washing machines, stoves, kettles, dehumidifiers, and heaters to wall socket outlets to avoid mishaps. Apart from exceeding the maximum load point due to multiple connections, a powerboard can start malfunctioning when it comes into contact with water or someone steps on the device.

We will come to your home and ensure the problem is addressed. Suppose you require an upgrade, in that case, we’ll let you know beforehand so that this can be done professionally without any hassle for either party.

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What Customers Say



We had a wonderful experience with Justin and team from Precision Electrical and Plumbing. Extremely professional and OUTSTANDING workmanship. Knew what the problems was and fixed it so quickly. Couldn't recommend high enough!

Anna Theophilos

Anna Theophilos

Justin of Precision Electrical and Plumbing is a first class operator. It is excellent to have someone who is a qualified electrician and plumber! Justin always keeps me informed of when he will be at my apartment to carry out the various plumbing and electrical problems I have.

Kathleen Richardson

Kathleen Richardson

I have been using Precision Electrical & Plumbing for years and would never use anyone else. The team have done everything from fitting out the electrical and plumbing in my bathroom renovation, to fixing my emergency kitchen sink.

Lexi Ammann

Lexi Ammann

I’m very happy to have hot water again. One phone call and an hour later the hot water system was connected to the gas. Very professional and efficient. Thank you.

Anna Eu

Anna Eu

I would recommend Justin anytime. His work and precision is second to none. He is always available for a call to discuss things or to come out any time. Don't look anywhere else Justin and his team are fantastic.

Nina Evans

Nina Evans

Justin and the team are one of a kind. They are always there when you need them the most and go above and beyond at all times.

Louisa Wells

Louisa Wells

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