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Sandringham Electrical Services

If you are in Sandringham, hiring the right electrician might seem challenging, given that there are so many options.

If you have any problems with the general electrical connections in your house. We have a team of electrical contractors backed by years of experience in this field. You can trust us as we are available 24x7 and just a phone away from doing all aspects of electrical work.

When you need a local electrical business to take care of your home, reach out. Our technicians are well-trained and have the required working licenses so everything will be fine in hand with us! We’ve gained quite popular among our clients in Sandringham for providing excellent service, which is why most people choose us.

You can rely on our team of electrical contractors to help with any electrical faults in Sandringham. We use the latest technologies, and ensure that all team receive constant training, so they are always up-to-date with the best methods for tackling these problems.


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Sandringham Emergency Electrician

If you find yourself in a sticky situation with power outages or emergencies. In that case, our 24x7 phones are there for your convenience and can be reached anytime. We offer emergency service around power outages or electrical lines whenever necessary.

When you need an emergency Sandringham electrician, phone 24x7 electrical services. Our licensed electricians work quickly and professionally to get any job done right at your doorstep! Dial our hotline number for instant help when it matters most.

Emergency Electrician

Smoke Detector Repairs & Installs

There are two kinds of smoke alarms. One option is hardwired, while the other uses a battery. If a hardwired smoke alarm malfunctions, it is best to leave the job to our electricians. We will disconnect the smoke alarm and check the connection to find the fault. It will be fixed, and the alarm will be replaced if needed.

We will be happy to help you with your smoke alarm installation in Sandringham! We will discuss the options available and install your new device in accordance with state requirements.

If you want to be safe from fire, then it is a must that your smoke alarm remains up to date. What is the best way of doing this? Get an interconnected electrical system installed! With a reliable electrician Sandringham by your side, we’ll make sure nothing goes wrong and keep your property protected!

Smoke Detector Repairs
Lighting Electrical

Electrician for Lighting

These everyday household faults are challenging to ignore, whether an annoying flickering light in your outdoor space or a dangerously wobbly ceiling fan in your kitchen. On that note, we have qualified various lighting and ceiling fan-related issues, including burnt-out bulbs, noisy fans, and so on.

Hiring an electrical contractor is the best way to avoid these common problems. The specialist will study your home’s current wiring and recommend fixtures that are right for you, rather than installing inaccurate wattage or dangerous wrong types of lights.

New lights can be a complicated and time-consuming process, but you don’t have to worry about anything. Our local electricians will efficiently take care of the job while also showing off their fantastic work.

Surveillance Systems

Homeowners and business owners in Sandringham can benefit from our high-tech security systems. You no longer need to worry about your business or home when you are not there. We can also install new connections to power the devices.

Our skilled professionals are adept at installing all types of CCTV security systems at the most strategic locations around your business or home. What’s more, you can consult our knowledgeable technicians before investing in a security system. And depending on your price range, they will guide you through the available options, ranging from expensive to budget-friendly yet reliable equipment.

Our experienced electricians will help you ensure that your CCTV coverage is exceptional by placing the cameras in the most suitable locations. We will then explain to you how to access the footage at any time.

CCTV Camera Systems
Security Solutions
HVAC Installs

Sandringham Air Conditioning

Have you been waiting for a repair or service on your ac? Don’t wait another minute! our licensed electricians know how important it is to provide fast, affordable, and high-quality service. We can get everything done right away so that there are no longer any problems with airflow. We also offer preventative maintenance services, which help extend the equipment’s life span.

You may have just recently installed an aircon system, but you need to ensure that the gas levels are maintained and the system is serviced correctly. In addition, it might be necessary for routine maintenance such as changing coils or filters.

If you’re having problems with your AC, we can fix that too. The issue could be lower refrigerant or dirty condenser coils; there might also exist cases involving the fan speed, leaks from ducts and even a frozen evaporator pan. Either way, our technicians can provide you with an efficient solution.

Air Conditioning

Commercial Electrician

Suppose you own a commercial property or a business and install electrical connections. In that case, our team of trained commercial electricians can help. They are trained to install transformers, light receptacles, and other power distribution panels. Since business organisations may require you to connect several lines to one central hub, it will need much expertise that our electrical contractors can provide.

Handing over your electrical maintenance work to our electrical contractors is an easy way for you, as well as us. We know and expertise necessary when handling any project’s needs from start — to finish so that everything runs smoothly without issue or confusion on either side.

As a reliable commercial electrician Sandringham, we’re on a mission to make your life easier, and we know that 100% customer satisfaction is the best way for us to do so. When you book an appointment with Precision Electrical and Plumbing — whether commercial or residential services.

Commercial Electrician
Switch Board Servicing

Meter Box Replacements and Updates

Your switchboard may become overloaded when the powerboard starts flickering or switching off in intervals. If this happens, and you find that your circuit breaker is tripping, then ring us now.

Wall socket outlets are not the safest place for powering various appliances. If they come into contact with water, they can short circuit, which could potentially lead to fires. So be sure you don’t exceed recommended load points by plugging in more than one device at a time.

You can let an expert electrician Sandringham like us handle all your electrical work. Upgrading, installing and repairing switchboards in Sandringham is what we do best.

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We had a wonderful experience with Justin and team from Precision Electrical and Plumbing. Extremely professional and OUTSTANDING workmanship. Knew what the problems was and fixed it so quickly. Couldn't recommend high enough!

Anna Theophilos

Anna Theophilos

Justin of Precision Electrical and Plumbing is a first class operator. It is excellent to have someone who is a qualified electrician and plumber! Justin always keeps me informed of when he will be at my apartment to carry out the various plumbing and electrical problems I have.

Kathleen Richardson

Kathleen Richardson

I have been using Precision Electrical & Plumbing for years and would never use anyone else. The team have done everything from fitting out the electrical and plumbing in my bathroom renovation, to fixing my emergency kitchen sink.

Lexi Ammann

Lexi Ammann

I’m very happy to have hot water again. One phone call and an hour later the hot water system was connected to the gas. Very professional and efficient. Thank you.

Anna Eu

Anna Eu

I would recommend Justin anytime. His work and precision is second to none. He is always available for a call to discuss things or to come out any time. Don't look anywhere else Justin and his team are fantastic.

Nina Evans

Nina Evans

Justin and the team are one of a kind. They are always there when you need them the most and go above and beyond at all times.

Louisa Wells

Louisa Wells

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