#1 Electricians & Plumbers
in Mount Waverley

24/7 Electrical Services

Home wiring, rewiring, installing & fixing appliances, safety checks, and so much more—you can rely on our team of electricians in Mount Waverley for all sorts of electrical jobs. Be it big or small, basic or complex, our experts are up for it.

We’re well-reputed in the area not just because of our expertise, but also because of our exceptional customer service. Our emergency electricians, especially, have garnered some massive trust of our customers in Mount Waverley.

24/7 Plumbing Services

Fixing plumbing problems of all sorts is our forte. From basic plumbing jobs to complex fittings and fixtures, our plumbers in Mount Waverley do everything perfectly on time and in your budget.

Whether you need installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance, we make sure you don’t have to bother too much. We’re there for you even in case of emergencies, no matter what the hour of the day is.

Our Electrician Services in Mount Waverley

Security Systems

CCTV cameras, house security alarms, fire alarms & systems, you name it and we have it for you—not just products but also services.

Energy Saving

Save big on energy. Let us consult you on and install the best of energy saving solutions in your homes to make it greener than ever.

Home Theatre & AV System

Hire our team of electricians in Mount Waverley for home theatre & AV system installation, repair and replacement.

Electrical Safety Check

Need assurance if the wiring & appliance installation in your home is compliant with codes? We’ll do a thorough electrical safety check.

Data Cabling

Trust us for flawless, mess-free data network cabling in your home or office. Never face any loose pestering ends.

Cooling Systems

Be at ease inside your home no matter the weather outside. Choose us for zone specific dual (cooling/heating) systems for your home.

Our Plumbing Services in Mount Waverley


Clogged drains, new drainage system, renewing existing waste pipes—we do it all. And...you can bet on our emergency services.


Hire our expert team of plumbers in Mount Waverley to all troubles related to taps, showers, water pipes, etc.


Take your pick from sce-quality gas, electric or solar heat pumps. We install, repair, maintain & replace them perfectly for you.


Heat your home with the best heating system that is also light on your pocket. We help you make the best choice in heating systems.


Buy and install the best-of-breed cooking systems with us (gas/electric) for your kitchen. Make your cooking easy & safe.


Our plumbers’ team makes sure that only the best eco-friendly solutions Mount Waverley are used. That’s our way of giving back to the world.


While it totally depends on our team’s availability and the nature of the job, we make sure to be there ASAP or at a time chosen by you, whichever suits you better. And, in case it is an emergency, please call our emergency electricians in Mount Waverley at 1300 601 601.

Yes, we do. We assess that the wiring and appliance installation are in compliance with your local and state codes even for old houses.

Yes, we offer that and all other services related to showers, water taps, and pipes.

Though we try our best to give you affordable options, to be honest, it depends entirely on how big or small the area of your home is. Then comes the quality of the wire you pick, and, of course, some minimal service charges. To be able to get an approximate estimate, please contact us today.