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Why You Need A Surge Diverter

Surge protection device

Surge protection systems supplied by electrical companies in Melbourne are designed to protect appliances and electronic items from power surges and any other potentially damaging interference there may be on power lines. Not everybody has one, but they are worth the investment, particularly if you live in an area that often has electric storms with lightning.

Reputable electrical companies in Melbourne stock good quality surge diverters that Precision Electrical and Plumbing can install into the main switchboard in your home, and in that way protect all your electronic and electrical equipment.

What Is A Surge Diverter?

In a nutshell, surge diverters are devices that are designed to protect appliances and other electrically powered devices from voltage or power spikes. They are programmed to do this by either shorting unwanted voltages to ground, or blocking them so that they remain at a safe threshold. They activate when the normal 240 volt power lines spike above 275 volts. This could be happening without you even knowing it. Most appliances can take the small spikes in voltage but if this happens on a regular basis then the appliance will fail prematurely. The surge diverter will sacrifice itself to save the electrical equipment within the house. The only maintenance is to check the surge diverter to see if it has activated. If it has, then it needs to be replaced as your appliances are now unprotected.

A three-phase surge protection device

Most of the time, when there aren’t any surges, the surge protection device will not have any affect on the electrical system. It is essentially like an open circuit and simply maintains isolation between the earth and active electrical conductors. As soon as a voltage or power surge occurs, it is able to instantly reduce impedance and divert the impulse current. Then it becomes a type of closed circuit, short-circuiting the excess voltage. As soon as the impulse surge is over, the device again becomes an open circuit.

Surge protection starts where the electrical system originates at the switchboard and is able to stop the surge before it reaches your electronic and electric equipment that would otherwise be at risk of damage.

What A Surge Diverter Isn’t According To Electrical Companies In Melbourne

Surge diverters are not safety switches and they are not circuit breakers either. You will need one in addition to these other electrical items. A surge diverter is also not designed to protect your appliances and electric items from damage in the unlikely event of your house being struck by lightning.

Contact Precision Electrical and Plumbing for more information and for a quotation for installing a suitable surge diverter in your home. We will also ensure that the device we purchase from one of the leading electrical companies in Melbourne is compliant with Australian Standards.


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