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You may have heard of motion sensor technology shown as an excellent burglar detection device in popular media.

While motion sensors were initially used exclusively for plane and ship detection, now we have the privilege of bringing this mechanisation into our homes. Nowadays, motion sensor lights are all the rage, and many homeowners choose to apply them for domestic uses. If you have ever wondered how motion sensors work or how to use them in everyday life, you've come to the right place. 

We've jotted down all the details a beginner needs to know about motion sensor lights and more, so make sure you read till the end! 

What is A Motion Sensor Light?

In short, a motion sensor light is an electrical system that works when motion is detected in the area. Essentially, the light bulb has connections with the sensors that switch on in response to human movement

Motion sensor lights can be installed in any place that holds lights, like walls, ceilings, driveways or house exteriors. Also sometimes known as occupancy sensors, they are an increasingly popular choice for reducing electricity use in households.

How Does A Motion Sensor Light Work?

Many motion detector variants are available when it comes to motion sensor lights. The process of how the motion sensor light works depends on the type of detector. The most common ones are passive infrared, active infrared, microwave, photoelectric, and dual technology.

Stone House With Motion Sensor Lights On At Night

1. Passive Infrared

Usually, lighting technology uses passive infrared motion sensors that detect infrared energy to observe things. It is called a passive system because the device does not send anything; instead, it waits until movement or heat is detected. In the case of motion sensor lights, when the passive infrared sensor picks up heat and activity in the room, it switches the lights on. 

2. Active Infrared

The active infrared systems differ because they consist of transmitters as well as receivers. This is why they are called active because they send out waves or signals into the room to function. This system then waits for the signals to return to the device for reading to develop. 

When someone walks into the room, the waves detect a disturbance and convey this information to the system. For this reason, they are also known as radar-based sensors that are common in security systems and automatic garage door systems.

Benefits Of Motion Sensor Lights

1. Convenience Of Automation

If you are someone who loves to use high tech gadgets and the latest sophisticated devices, you're going to love motion sensor lights. With this system installed, you never have to switch a light on or off because the system does that automatically. Not to mention, it is incredibly convenient to use and adds a modern touch to your home. 

2. Saves Energy

Another benefit of getting motion sensor lights is the energy and money-saving aspect. When the lights automatically switch off as you leave the room, they end up saving a lot of energy. With this system, you won't need to worry about leaving the lights on when you have to rush out of the house to work.

3. Prevents Trespassers And Burglars

As we mentioned earlier, motion sensor technology is widely used for alarms and other purposes in the security industry. Placing motion sensor lights outdoors can help detect unwanted trespassers and thieves by flooding the lights on the front or back yard. This will prevent criminals from lurking around the house after dark if the lights suddenly turn on. 

Features To Look For When Buying Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Security Light Outside House On Wooden Panels

1. Light Pattern

Depending on the type of light pattern you prefer, weather focused or flooded; there are a few options. The focused light will shine an intense light on a single area or the person moving, which might be helpful for security reasons. Alternatively, floodlight will illuminate the surrounding area equally, making it ideal for indoor lighting.

2. Bulb Variety

Select the type of bulb you prefer depending on your primary purpose for getting a motion sensor light. LED bulbs will last longer than regular incandescent ones; however, they are not budget-friendly. 

Installing Motion Sensor Lights On Your Property

Your choice of motion sensor lighting will ultimately depend on your area's climate and where it is being installed. When installing a sensor light for the first time, it is best to have a professional do the job.

Especially when installing light sensors outdoors, you need to be careful about various factors like weather, wires, and much more. To prevent any mishaps, contact your local electrician to get new motion sensor lights installed in no time. 

For expert electricians in Melbourne, contact Precision Electrical & Plumbing. We provide lighting solutions for commercial and residential properties. You can count on us to make sure your new motion sensor lights are high-quality, functional, and correctly installed. Contact us today for more information.

See you in the next guide!

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