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Many people switch on their machines after a long time and find that the air conditioner is leaking. Now you should know that most devices will have an indoor and an outdoor unit. An evaporator coil plays a significant role in cooling the air and creating a comfortable ambience inside the room. 

The hot air that is pulled from the room can flow over the condensation pipes, which results in water droplets forming on top. These droplets then fall on the drain pan and proceed through the drain line, which leads outside the house. 

If anything is wrong with the parts we mentioned, the AC can start leaking. Here, we will discuss the factors leading to a leaking air conditioner. 

So, dive in!

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

There can be many reasons behind a leaking air conditioner. Read on to know all about them. 

Air Con Leaking In House

1. Clogged Drain Line 

If you find the water coming out of your air conditioner inside the house, then it could be because of a clogged drain line. This usually happens when the waterline gets clogged completely. 

It may also be caused by accumulating dirt, debris and dust. If you do not clean the pipes often, then mould can grow within, damaging the pipe further. 

Once the pipe is clogged, water is unable to flow through it. That can lead to the water getting trapped and redirecting the condensation. This may, in turn, lead to leakage within the house. 

If you face this problem, then there is a way of dealing with it. You can use a dry/wet vacuum to clean the debris, dust, and mould inside the pipelines. It may then allow the water to flow freely, falling outside the house. 

However, if you cannot clear the entire line properly with a vacuum, you will need to call up professionals to do the job

2. Lower Refrigerant 

When the refrigerant content goes down in an air conditioner, the pressure also lowers. This can freeze the evaporator coil, and the air conditioner can then start leaking. You may also see moisture forming around the vents when the AC is switched on for a long time. This may be followed by a bubbling and a hissing noise from the vents. 

If this happens, you will need to call professionals to fix it immediately. If you do not take adequate care of it, you might end up paying for a new AC soon. 

We will advise you to have the system checked every once in a while to prevent these issues from occurring. Ideally, people get it checked before the summer season arrives, eliminating the chances of a sudden leakage. 

3. Unclean Air Filter 

Air filters need to be cleaned often, and you might have to do it every month. This is essential if you are using the air conditioner a lot. If the air filter is dirty, but you keep using it, then there is a possibility that the system will be damaged sooner. 

The airflow could be blocked, and the coil could become very cold. In some cases, it could also freeze, leading to more pressure on the system.

Once the water starts melting from the coil, it can start leaking. You must check the filter often, and you should change it every time you see it becoming dirty. 

Dirty Air Con Vent

4. Old Machines

If you are using a very old machine, then you may have a rusted or filthy drain pan. That could happen if the AC is more than 12 years old. You will then need to change and replace the pan

Also, old machines could have a delicate condensate pump which is relatively easy to break. That could lead to waterlogging inside your house. 

Stopping That Leaking Aircon Unit

If you notice that the AC is leaking or you can see water droplets forming, it is best to look into it immediately. Most problems can be solved easily if you can detect them at the right time. 

Otherwise, the house could suffer from water damage, and you might have a dripping air conditioner leading to floods inside. Finally, it is time to wrap up. Please reach out to us for any issues with a leaking air conditioner in Melbourne. Our experts can provide affordable and efficient solutions.

Take care!

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