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Have you seen a sudden increase in the electricity bill? This can be due to your AC not running at optimum energy levels. 

Air conditioners have become the need of the day, and almost every house and office have them installed. However, you must already know that they can consume a lot of electricity. If you do not take care of these machines, you can incur heavy charges, which could then burn a hole in your pocket. 

But you can avoid this if you know the right way to use the AC. We are here to talk about the tips and tricks that could help you run it for a longer time at a lesser cost. 

So, let’s get started!

Expert Air Condition Tips & Tricks 

Small Air Con Inside Modern Lounge Room

1. Switch On The Unit In The Morning 

While many of you might think switching on the air conditioner in the afternoon is better, let us break the myth. It is best to switch on the AC early in the morning when the temperature is low. This way, the room would be cooler throughout the day, and the machine would not have to work at its maximum efficiency. 

It won’t have to suddenly bring down the high temperatures, making the AC last longer. This is especially true for ducted air conditioners used in offices and centrally cooled places. 

2. Maintaining The Right Temperature 

There is a specific recommended temperature for winter and summer for air conditioners. In the summer season, you can keep it at around 24 degrees, while in winter, the temperature needs to be 20 degrees celsius

The measurements can slightly differ depending on the place you live in. So, you may not need to use the AC during the winter months if the weather is perfectly cool. However, you may need an air conditioner to heat up the place for very harsh winters. Please do not set the temperature too high as that would put a lot of pressure on the machine. 

3. Avoiding Colder Setting In The Beginning 

Try not to keep the AC on a cold setting when you turn it on. It will not magically reach that temperature; instead, it’ll exert a lot of pressure on the cooling device. So, the room will still cool at an average rate, but you may incur higher expenses. 

Always adjust the cooling according to the weather in your area. It is best not to reduce it beyond 10-12 degrees compared to outside. Otherwise, the compressor will be under immense pressure, making the air conditioner prone to damage.

4. Shut Doors And Windows

This is something you should always practice while using an air conditioner. Keep all the windows and doors shut, covering the gaps with fabric. This would keep the outside hot air out, and the room will get cooler faster. 

Also, after switching off the air conditioner, if you keep the doors and windows closed, the room will remain cold for a long time. If you have ventilators on top, talk to a technician and discuss how you can shut it while the AC is working. 

5. Avoid Indoor Appliances 

It is best to set up the grill and barbeque outdoors in your yard during the summer season. When you cook a lot inside the house, the fumes can heat the place fast. That would lead to higher temperatures, which the AC might find difficult to bring down. 

If cooking outside is not possible, you can switch off the air conditioner and cook with the windows open. Once the fumes and cooking odour leave the place, close the windows and switch on the AC again. 

6. Maintain A Stable Heating And Cooling Range 

Every extra degree of cooling will increase the energy consumption immediately. If there is a five to ten per cent increase, it will lead to an immediate increase in energy expenses. Hence, try to stay within the suitable temperature range of 22 to 24 degrees during summer. 

7. Close The Curtains 

Keep the curtains closed if you want the room to cool faster than usual. This will keep the cold air inside while the hot air or the sun rays will not be able to enter the house. The room will be a lot cooler, and it will stay that way for long. 

8. Switching Off AC When Not Needed

If there is no one in the room, switch off the AC vent and close the door behind you. This will bring down the working load of the unit, making it more energy-efficient. Doing so will also reduce the costs in the long run. 

9. Annual Service 

It is best to get your AC regularly serviced every 12 months. Trained professionals would do the job and check if the energy level is alright. You can get in touch with the AC company, which can then assign one of their representatives to do the job. Maintaining your air conditioner will save you both time and money.

Person Turning On Air Con With Remote

Summing Up: Air Conditioner Tips & Tricks

If you own a ducted air conditioning system, you can set timers so that it functions according to your routine. For example, if you wake up and go to your lounge around 7 am, the AC could be timed to run from 6 am. 

This would make the area cool or hot as needed before entering, allowing you to enjoy the morning. It works very well for chilly mornings when the temperatures fall by a lot. Also, don’t forget to get your air conditioner serviced every three months

Our team can provide you with professional air conditioning services in Melbourne. Precision Electrical & Plumbing has years of experience installing, repairing, and servicing air conditioning systems in residential and commercial buildings. From leaking air conditioners to replacing units, we can handle it all. Contact us today to learn more!

We are ready to wrap up the guide, hoping you have enough knowledge about running an air conditioner.

We’ll see you next time; until then, take care!

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Justin Morris

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