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But it is one of the essential chores for tidying your bathroom as it tends to get dirty very quickly. Besides, maintaining proper ventilation eliminates excess moisture and prevents mildew buildup. The more dirt and dust an exhaust fan traps from your bathroom, the dirtier it tends to get over time. 

Keeping your bathroom exhaust fan clean is not a difficult task, and with a bit of effort, you can achieve the desired results. And today, in this guide, we will take a look at the best techniques you can implement to get it shiny and clean in no time. 

So, without further delay, let’s dive right in!

What To Do To Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

Dirty Bathroom Exhaust Fan Dusty

1. Remove The Bathroom Vent Cover

The majority of bathroom exhaust fans come with a cover to protect them from wear and tear. So, before you can start cleaning a fan, you must remove its cover with caution. Once you remove the cover, you will be able to see the exposed blades of the fan. 

You will now get a clear look at the task you have in hand; the amount of grime and dust collected on its blades. 

2. Cleaning The Vent Cover

After removing the cover, you must clean it properly with soapy detergent water. For this, you can fill your bathroom sink with dish soap and give the cover a gentle rub with a scrubber. 

If there’s stubborn grime on it, you might have to scrub harder to get them off. After cleaning, use a towel and pat the vent cover dry. If you are not in a hurry, you can even consider air drying it. You can also use a toothbrush to remove all stains and dirt. 

Once the cover is dry, you can move to the next step of cleaning the fan. 

3. Vacuum To The Rescue

Before working on the exhaust fan, always disconnect it from the power source to maintain safety. Only when you are sure that there is no electrical connection to the fan should you start cleaning it. You can even switch the power off to the bathroom on the main circuit to be completely safe. 

The most effective tool is a vacuum wand to remove dust from the fan. It is best to find proper wand attachments to get the job done effectively to clean the inner corner. From our experience, we have noticed that a bristle brush works excellently in this regard. 

If you have difficulty reaching a particular area, consider using a crevice attachment to solve the problem. Don’t forget that you must use the vacuum carefully not to damage anything. 

4. Use A Damp Cloth To Remove Grime

It is true that after using the vacuum, you will see that the dry dust has been removed. But vacuuming won’t eliminate the stubborn grime that often collects on the fan vents. 

To remove that, you will need to dampen a microfibre cloth and wipe the components of the fan properly to get rid of the dirt that has collected over time. However, if you plan to deep clean a fan, you will have to disassemble it by removing the screws and separating the parts. 

Then, use a damp cloth to clean the insides of each part carefully. 

5. Get The Fan Back In Place

The final step in cleaning your bathroom exhaust fan is to assemble it by screwing it back into its place. When you are done doing that, get the vent cover reinstalled adequately.

Last but not least, plug it back into the power source, and you are good to go!

Removing Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Screwdriver

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cleaning Hacks

With that, it’s a wrap, friends! We hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as we did while compiling all the information for you. 

It goes without saying that to keep your bathroom exhaust in good shape, it is essential that you regularly take care of it. And taking care of exhaust fans is all about ensuring that they do not collect dust and grime. 

Keeping your bathroom exhaust fan clean will become super simple by diligently following the abovementioned steps. 

If you need assistance or want to install or replace a bathroom fan, please get in touch with us anytime

Until next time, adios!

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