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People generally do not pay much attention to a meter box, despite it being one of the most crucial components in any home.

Besides housing the electricity meter that measures the electricity consumption, it protects other components such as the main switch, circuit breakers and fuses. It also protects the meter base responsible for transmitting power from the electrical company to your home.

However, like other electronic components and devices, your current meter box can also become outdated and develop various problems. This is especially true if you have an old house and the box was installed long ago. Such issues should not be taken lightly, as they can be extremely dangerous.

But, since you may not know when to upgrade the meter box, this guide can help you. So, make sure to read until the end.

Signs Indicating You Need To Upgrade Your Meter Box

Several signs indicate that your electric panel and meter box needs changing, so keep an eye out for them. These signs can include:

  • Fuses getting blown frequently
  • Frequent tripping of breakers
  • Tingling sensations upon touching electrical appliances
  • Flickering or dimming of lights constantly
  • A burning smell from any electrical appliance
  • Discoloured, sparking or warm outlets
  • Areas exposed to moisture lacking Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

Lights Flickering Due Faulty Switchboard

Potential Hazards Of A Malfunctioning Electrical System And Meter Box

A malfunctioning or faulty electrical system poses several dangers, such as:

1. Fire

An old meter box with electronic components can be a significant fire risk, and faulty wiring is among the leading causes of house fires. This is because the wires become exposed or heated in such systems, which may result in sparks and can ignite the materials around, leading to a fire.

2. Electrocution

Worn-out or old wiring can lead to improper distribution of the electric current that passes through it. Additionally, in such cases, the insulation may have become damaged, posing a major risk of electrocution.

3. Shorting Out Of Appliances

Since damaged wiring systems cannot handle electric current properly, they can short out your appliances. Such systems may also not correctly support many modern devices and appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves. An improper electric supply can reduce their lifespan and cause them to wear out quickly.

Besides the risk to your appliances, a faulty wiring system can drastically reduce the overall efficiency of your home. So, apart from damaged appliances, it will lead to higher electricity bills.

Upgrading Your Meter Box And Electrical System

Here are some methods that you can use for a switchboard upgrade.

Electrician Upgrading Residential Meter Box

1. Upgrading The Panel

You can upgrade your home’s electrical panel by bringing in more power from the utility supply. This will involve replacing the current circuit breakers and meter boxes with modern ones built to handle more power.

If you already have such components but have become damaged or obsolete, you should replace them. This will allow the electric system to handle more power efficiently while ensuring that your home’s internal wiring is unaffected.

2. Adding More Circuits

One way of ensuring a more efficient distribution of power to various rooms and appliances is to add more circuits to the wiring. In most homes, larger devices consume most of the power, and having extra circuits can allow them to utilise this energy more efficiently while also helping reduce wastage.

Having a greater number of electric circuits also limits the dangers of electricity in your home.

3. Adding New Outlets And Replacing Old Wires, Receptacles And Used Cables

In older homes, there may not be enough outlets to power all your appliances, or they may not be suitable for modern appliances. You can add new outlets to overcome this problem, offering the added benefit of greater convenience and safety.

Apart from that, it would be best if you considered replacing old worn-out cables and wires, which are inefficient and can pose various risks. Newer wires and electrical cables are more energy-efficient and more accessible to service and maintain.

Upgrading Meter Boxes

The importance of upgrading your electrical panel and meter box cannot be overstated. But, since such projects involve considerable risk, you should not attempt to complete them using DIY methods.

Instead, you should hire professionals for the purpose who can complete the job most safely and efficiently. They have the necessary training and skills required for the purpose and are familiar with the various safeguards and precautions that need to be observed.

Our Melbourne electricians at Precision Electrical & Plumbing are ready to handle all your meter box needs. You can call us for assistance with wiring, circuit breakers, fuse box, safety switches, and more! So, don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly team today on (03) 9511 1336!

This will ensure that the upgrade goes smoothly and you can enjoy the benefits of a modern meter box.

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