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Security cameras are a must in public locations to prevent crimes and identify culprits.

And considering the increasing crime rates in Australia, such security cameras are becoming more common in residential areas and in each household. However, many homeowners still have concerns about the installation, maintenance costs, reliability, breach of privacy, and more.

Hence, we’ll clarify all those doubts and more in this guide on why you should get home security cameras.

Why Get Home Security Cameras?

1. To Safeguard Your Property

The first and foremost advantage of installing home security cameras is the peace of mind one gets while remotely keeping an eye on their property. No matter where you go, you can check the happenings around the house on a smartphone or laptop.

In case of burglary or any other crime, you can always use the footage from a home security camera as proof or a source to identify the criminal.

2. To Psychologically Deter Criminals

A home security camera often works as a warning for potential thieves and criminals. Just think about it- why would a thief choose to steal from a house with a security camera over a house without one?

3. To “Babysit” Children And Pets

Another advantage for homeowners with 9-to-5 jobs is being able to look after their children and pets when no one’s around. Plus, if you have hired a nanny or babysitter, you can always check if they are doing their job correctly.

4. To Monitor Workers

Adding to the previous point, there may be times when you want to get certain chores like renovations and gardening done when you’re away. Although this is a convenient choice, you’re keeping the security of your house at stake.

That’s when home security cameras can help you keep a close watch on the workers and ensure that every task is performed smoothly.

5. To Reduce Insurance Premiums

Installing home security cameras reduces the amount your insurance providers may charge you regularly. This is because you are going the extra mile to protect the property; hence, you are less likely to make any claims for theft, property damage, and more.

Things To Consider When Buying Home Security Cameras

1. Continuous Recording Vs. Trigger-based Recording

You can choose the ideal home security camera depending on the type of recording you want. Some devices record continuously, making them more reliable since you won’t miss a single moment. But if your vicinity is not as prone to crimes, you can choose cameras that record based on a specific trigger.

Remember that continuous recording will require fast WiFi and preferably a wired security system.

2. Storage

While some cameras store the footage in the device itself, some may require you to register to a cloud-based server. Although the latter offers more storage space, there is an underlying risk of losing your footage to hackers.

3. Quick Notifications

What good is a home security camera if it doesn’t notify you as soon as there’s any suspicious activity back home? Hence, always check that you can connect the camera you’re going for to other devices for instant notification.

4. Level Of Video Clarity

Depending on the level of clarity you require in the footage, choose a camera with a suitable resolution. Thanks to the advancement in technology, some 4K resolution security cameras can even zoom in and focus on the license plate of a moving car!

5. Source Of Power

While wired cameras are more durable and reliable, they do not offer the flexibility of placement that wireless cameras have. So, decide where you want to install the camera and measure the required length of the wire before making the purchase.

6. Additional Features

You could further look for features like a sensor light, built-in siren, floodlight, two-way audio, night vision, and more. However, note that advanced features like these often come at a higher price tag.

Ready To Install A CCTV Home Security System?

Home security cameras are imperative if your locality experiences frequent thefts and other crimes. And with multiple affordable options on the market, we don’t see why you shouldn’t be getting one for your home!

However, remember that your home security cameras must be accompanied by warning signs, notifying people that they’re being recorded. Also, note that installing cameras in private areas like bathrooms is illegal.

We further encourage you to check the legalities of security cameras in your town/city before installing one. And, if you need assistance selecting a system or installing one in Melbourne, please contact our team.

We have been installing, repairing and servicing CCTV cameras at Precision Electrical & Plumbing for years. Our team has extensive experience in all types of CCTV systems. We would be pleased to assist you.

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