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The world changes at night and familiar roads appear scary, prompting people to look over their shoulders constantly.

Don’t worry; we aren’t writing the script for a horror movie, but you would agree that people imagine things when it gets dark. Perhaps the hooting of an owl or the rustling of dry leaves makes you wonder if there’s someone outside.

You won’t need to worry more about what’s lurking in the darkness, thanks to outdoor security lighting. But how?

For that, you’ll have to read the rest of this article.

Outdoor Security Lighting Benefits

Security lights are extremely popular in commercial and residential properties. But what are the advantages of installing outdoor security lighting? Let’s find out:

Security Sensor Light Brick Wall

1. Reduces Unwanted Incidents

We don’t mean to scare you, but the mind can play tricks in the pitch-black darkness. That’s why installing outdoor security lights illuminate your property, helping people navigate their way in the dark.

It will reduce the chances of accidents, such as preventing guests from tripping over the garden hose or smacking their heads against the wall.

2. Keeps You Safe

We can’t overestimate the importance of sleeping peacefully at night, untroubled by foreboding thoughts and not thinking that every small sound is a burglar sneaking across the lawn. In other words, installing exterior security lighting guarantees peace of mind because someone must be fearless to invade the property under the gaze of bright lights.

Additionally, if you’re going on holiday and want to save money on electricity, install motion-sensing lights that only come on when someone/something triggers the sensors.

3. Lowers Insurance Premium

We bet you didn’t know that it’s possible to lower the insurance premium on the house by installing outdoor security lights. A well-lit home is unlikely to be burgled, putting the insurance companies more at ease.

4. Drives Away Unwelcome Guests

While security outdoor lighting won’t prevent your irritating cousin from visiting, they work well to keep intruders away. And this doesn’t just mean humans because bright lights will scare away wild animals. Preventing them from digging or foraging through the garden.

Motion sensor lights will prove helpful in such a scenario, turning on whenever something triggers the sensors. Thus, you can keep trespassers off the property while remaining energy efficient.

Positioning Security Lights

Now that you know about the benefits of security lights, the next question is how and where you should position them.

Security Lights Cctv Camera Motion Sensor

1. Stairs

It would help if you first illuminated potential tripping hazards like wires, hoses, and stairs leading up to the house. This will help prevent accidents like guests tripping and falling and spare you the embarrassment of such a welcome!

2. Address

After limiting potential hazards around the property, use a couple of lights to illuminate the house address. As a result, people can conveniently find your home even when it’s dark.

You can also strategically place certain lights to illuminate the house, enhancing the ambience and look of the property.

3. Pathways

It would be best to illuminate the pathways leading to the house, allowing your guests to move through the lawn without losing their way in the dark. Again, you can get creative and install tiny lights right along the perimeter of the pathway or go with giant floodlights for complete illumination.

Whatever you choose, these lights can be the difference-maker - turning the pathways into the Highway To Hell or the Stairway To Heaven, depending on their absence or presence. Not literally, but you get the drift. So, take time to choose your landscape path lighting and other architectural elements.

4. Doorways

Also, ensure to illuminate the doorways so people don’t bang into them in the dark. It lends an elegant appeal to your home and improves visibility, allowing people to come and go conveniently.

Installing Outdoor Security Lighting

This section will tell you how to install security lights as the procedure changes slightly depending on the type of lights you use. For instance, many people opt for solar-powered or battery lights, as they don’t require extra electrical work. But if you want to place lamps or other fixtures on the lawn, the wiring will have to pass underground, guaranteeing safety from other high-voltage lines.

In such a scenario, it would be best to contact a professional electrician to safely install outdoor security lighting, motion sensors and all other outdoor lighting fixtures.

Man Installing Security Light Screw Driver

Types Of Outdoor Security Lights

This guide would be incomplete without discussing the prominent outdoor security lights available. So, let’s take a quick look:

1. Post Luminaires

Remember how we spoke about installing suitable lights to illuminate the pathway? These post luminaires add to your property’s ambience and provide a clear view of the path ahead.

2. Floodlights

Thanks to their wide conical beam that illuminates large spaces, floodlights aren’t only used in sporting arenas but prove suitable for landscape lighting. In most cases, they come with several adjustable heads to illuminate any space.

3. Other Luminaires

There are two other luminaires available on the market - surface-mounted and roadway. The former is suitable for general accent and decorative lighting around the property, while the latter helps people find their homes at night.

4. Landscape Light

Apart from illuminating the pathways and roads leading to and from the house, you can focus the light on trees and other objects surrounding the property using landscape lights. This guarantees safety and looks pretty cool, creating an elegant ambience around your home.

Do You Need Outdoor Security Lights?

We hope you now have a better idea about the benefits and types of security lights available on the market to make an informed decision.

And unlike standard lighting, you can play with your imagination, using lights of various colours and beams to amplify several property features. This should keep intruders away while making it possible to organise outdoor parties and events under these lights.

For assistance installing security lighting in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Precision Electrical & Plumbing has served Melbourne residents and business owners for years and specialises in residential and commercial lighting and house wiring.

So, go ahead and light up your life and your property!

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