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Wet spots on the walls, carpets soaked in water or growth of mould and mildew around your pipelines are telltale signs of leaking or burst pipes.

Plumbing leaks, sadly, occur in almost every household, no matter how well you maintain the system. Even worse, not all leaks are apparent or visible to the naked eye, further complicating the situation.

As plumbing systems are a complex network, taking the DIY route is a big no! That’s because mere guesswork can lead to costly damages, so staying safe is better than sorry.

Leaking or burst pipes occur for several reasons, which, if identified early, can save your property from major damages. And today, we’ll walk you through some common causes of why pipes burst so you won’t have to shell out hundreds of bucks later.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the deets!

Why Do Pipes Burst?

Person Repair Join Burst Pipe

1. Blockage

Most often, dirt, grime, debris, or other objects accumulate in the pipes, preventing water from flowing to the drain. When the water becomes stagnant over time, it causes cracks in the pipe, leading to leaks.

And in the worst-case scenario, the pipe will burst due to the pressure of the accumulated water and the buildup of foreign objects.

As a homeowner, you must keep the pipeline area clear of debris and fallen leaves. Besides, you must call a plumber to clean the drain every few months to prevent gunk and dirt from clogging the pipes.

2. Freezing

At times, the chilly breeze of the winter months can cause your pipes to burst or leak, and people living in rural Victoria will agree with us.

The water may freeze in the pipeline and cause excessive strain. And since frozen water takes more space than its liquid form, the pipes rupture and cause significant damage to the structures of your home.

However, you can prevent burst pipes by installing insulation and heating cables. Also, turning off the outdoor hose bib during winters will come in handy for preventing water from freezing in them.

3. High Pressure

A high-pressure shower may relax you after a hectic day, but it will damage your pipe, leading to leaks. This can burst the pipes, resulting in hefty damages. The majority of pipes and faucets are capable of withstanding 60 psi water pressure. This means your home’s water pressure should be less than 65 psi, or it will damage your pipes, faucet and other appliances.

Copper Pipe Crack Leaking Water

One of the best ways to keep your pipes safe from high water pressure is to install pressure-reducing valves to regulate pressure in the water pipes

4. Poor Installation

Most of the time, leaks occur due to poor installation or incorrect laying of the pipes. This happens when people hire inexperienced plumbers to tackle the burst water pipes to save some bucks.

That is why every home and business owner must hire a licensed plumber skilled enough to handle all plumbing-related issues. Not only do they complete the tasks in a breeze, but they also install the pipelines and fixtures correctly.

If you suspect your home’s pipelines aren’t laid correctly, we suggest contacting a reliable plumbing company without further delay.

5. Intruding Tree Roots

If you’re a gardening enthusiast who loves maintaining their lush lawn, there’s a high possibility that your pipe is leaking due to tree roots.

That is to say, tree roots attract moisture, which is why they grow toward the cracks in pipes from where water flows into the soil. As they grow, they invade your home’s pipes and rip apart pipe joints, causing plenty of damage.

So, if you notice wet patches in the yard or a sudden drop in the water pressure, we suggest calling a professional to inspect the pipelines. Also, make sure you plant trees away from the pipeline area.

6. Worn-Out Pipes

Naturally, the pipes installed 10 or 15 years back won’t function as effectively as they did previously. As the water pipes age, the pipes become weak and are likely to rust or corrode, which bursts open due to relatively high water pressure.

Usually, discoloured water is the most common sign of a corroded pipe. Other than that, a pungent smell, weird taste, or poor pressure strongly indicate that your pipes are old and need to be replaced.

Also, imbalances in pH and mineral levels of water can corrode your pipes, thereby tampering with their efficiency. Water from rusted pipes can also lead to health complications, so you must get them replaced as soon as possible.

To prevent your pipes from getting damaged due to rust or corrosion, hire plumbers for regular inspection and maintenance of the plumbing system.

Protecting Your Home From Leaking Or Burst Pipes

As much as a nuisance, leaking or burst pipes need to be repaired immediately, or they can damage your home’s foundation.

So, if you notice musty odours, foul smells, moulds, and mildew thrive in and around your property’s plumbing system, reach out to a reputable plumber without delay. And whenever you suspect a leaking pipe, turn off the water supply immediately to protect the structures of your home from damage.

On that note, it’s time to call curtains for the day. But before we wrap our guide, here’s a last piece of advice - hire only licensed professionals for repairing or replacing pipes so that you don’t face issues later on. Contact Precision Electrical & Plumbing if you need a professional plumber in Melbourne. You can rely on our pipe repair specialists for a long-term solution!

Take care and see you again!

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