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If you live in an older house, there’s a good chance that the electrical wiring is not meeting increased demand, mainly if your family has grown since you first moved in. You might need to hire one of the electrical companies Melbourne offers and have your house rewired.

Precision Electrical and Plumbing is experienced in rewiring old houses, but we must ensure that this is necessary. If the wiring is sound and up to standard, and it is simply a lack of plug points that is an issue, then replacing single sockets with double sockets might be the solution. We are happy to advise and help wherever we can.

While it is true that the easiest way to turn a single socket into a double socket is to use a double adaptor, it is a better idea. The advantage of double adaptors is that all you do to convert a single socket to a double socket is plug in the adaptor. But the problem is that many people overload their systems by using multiple adaptors, leading to overheating and fires. This also looks makeshift and unsafe. A double socket is permanent; it looks neater, works better, and is less dangerous.

Double sockets, like single sockets, may be surface-mounted or flush-mounted. A surface-mounted socket is easier to fit (because it is mounted on the wall), but a flush-mounted socket looks neater.

If you want some double sockets fitted, give Precision Electrical and Plumbing a call. We also have a 24-hour emergency service to cope with your electrical needs.

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