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Like malfunctioning electrical appliances, exposed electrical wires can increase the chances of an electric shock or electrical fire.

Although this is a common issue, you should not ignore its severity. Fortunately, you can take a few simple steps to avoid or rectify the problem of an exposed wire and ensure the safety of your property.

Expoded Wires Dangerous

What Is An Exposed Wire?

Expoded Wires Coming Wall

Exposed wires generally come about when the outer layer around the electrical cables and cords is damaged or severely frayed, revealing the electrical wire within the cords. An exposed electrical wire can occur in various circumstances, like in the case of damages to the electrical cord of a portable appliance or the incorrect wiring of any commercial or residential building.

The latter is a lot more dangerous when compared to other exposed wirings since it may not be visible from the get-go.

The Hazards Of Exposed Wires

When you look at an electrical cord, you’ll notice a thick covering that prevents the wires from being exposed. This thick covering is the insulation of the electrical cords, which protects us from the flowing electrical current within the cord. This insulation also prevents the wires from heating up excessively.

When the power cable is burned to the point that the insulation is damaged and the wires within are showing, it poses a huge risk of severe burns, electrical shock, and in certain events, death through being electrocuted. Exposed electrical wiring can also heighten the risk of starting an electricity-related fire. This happens when the ground and the live wires touch, resulting in sparks that can ultimately commence an electrical fire.

Exposed Wire Problems In Electrical Appliances

Broken Wire Exposed

Exposed wires in electrical appliances can significantly affect their performance and efficiency, as the appliances might fail to receive the necessary power. The appliance can take up a higher draw or more energy from the electrical power socket to compensate for the loss, leading to a tripped electrical connection, a short circuit or worse, a complete power surge.

Where Are Exposed Wires Usually Found?

Most of the exposed wires can usually be seen in appliances that use electricity, extension cords or any other cords attached to electrical outlets. They can also be seen within your home or any commercial property wiring.

All types of exposed wiring pose major electrical hazards. However, exposed wires within your residency or commercial business are a much bigger concern as they are usually hidden from plain sight. Especially if this exposed wiring comes about in the vicinity of a flammable material within the structure, it can increase the chance of an electricity-related fire hazard.

Apart from that, you may find exposed electrical wiring outdoors. Since the outdoor environment is much more uncontrolled, exposed wires around this area can be threatening. The main issue is that exposed wires outdoors can interact with water or other natural elements, leaving them extremely dangerous to be around or near.

If you find any exposed wires outside your home, do not touch them. Call a licensed electrician immediately and if it’s outside your property, call your local electricity department.

How To Avoid The Problem Of Exposed Damaged Wires

As vital as it is to make sure you use your electrical appliance correctly, it is also important to store and maintain it properly. Here are a few tips to effectively prevent cord damage that can otherwise lead to wires being exposed.

Wire Fire Exposed

1. Treat Your Appliance With Care

You would be surprised to know that the power cord is the most delicate part of any appliance that uses electricity. It is also the part that constitutes a major threat if and when damaged.

Make sure you do not unnecessarily tangle the power or extension cord, and be careful while unplugging the power plug of the electrical devices. It should be pulled out gently as opposed to the usual aggressive pull. This aggressive pulling is a major cause of exposed wiring, especially around the electrical connections between the power circuit and the electrical cord.

2. Test Your Appliances Regularly

Check all your electrical appliances regularly for any telltale indication of damage to the power cord or the plug. Some signs you need to keep an eye out for include damage to the power plug, unravelling of the power cord, mangling or linking of the cord, and exposed wires. If you cannot test it yourself, consult a professional for their expert opinion.

3. Check Your Building Wiring

Exposed wires laying out of sight within a residential or commercial building structure are scary. If you shift into a new building or house, ensure you get the wiring system inspected for any damage or faults and get them repaired.

What To Do If You Find Exposed Wires

Expoded Cables

The most important thing you must remember when you spot any exposed wires is not to be a DIYer. As easy as the task may seem, electrical wires being exposed are serious and must only be dealt with if you have experience and expertise in the field.

Refrain from using any duct tape to seal the exposed area. Typically, electrical tape is used for sealing any exposed wires. If you mend the exposed part of the cord with duct tape, it can easily become worse than the existing damage.

Similarly, if any wires are exposed in the electrical cords connected to any appliance or device, get them inspected and repaired or replaced. For exposed wiring within the structure of a residential or commercial building and outdoors, call your local electrician immediately and refrain from trying to find a solution by yourself.

The Dangers of Exposed Wires: Uncovering the Hidden Risk

Electrical safety should be a prime concern for everybody, as the lack of it can lead to electrical faults and other hazards like significant damage to property and even death due to electrocution.

If you notice any exposed wires in your home, contact Precision Electrical & Plumbing professionals immediately. We offer 24-hour electrical services, seven days a week, for any electrical emergency and can conduct electrical safety checks on your property to ensure you stay safe.

Remember, electrical safety should always be your priority for any electrical circuit, wires or appliance. Until next time, take care!

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