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Most professionals recommend upgrading your home electrical system before anything else since old systems can lead to electrical shocks, accidents and even electrical fires.

Revamping your home’s electrical system can increase the value of your property while adding electrical safety to your old house. Every electrical upgrade, small or large-scale, can drastically improve your quality of life and make your home renovation a success.

However, most people don’t understand the importance of electric upgrades in home renovations or don’t know where to start. To help you with that, we will walk you through some options for electrical renovations to transform your property into a safe, smart home.

Electrical Upgrades For Home Renovations

The following are some essential must-dos in electrical renovations to address a poor home electrical system:

1. Upgrade Light Switches

Person Turning Light Switch Wall

Light switches are the most common electrical component we come in contact with daily. So, changing the switches now and then is essential to prevent electrical shock.

Different types of light switches are available on the market, including smart lighting switches, dimmer switches, three-way panel switches, etc. However, sliders are the most popular switch type for households.

2. Fix Your Electrical Wiring

Have you noticed damaged or exposed wires around your home? Old, faulty electrical wiring is a very dangerous safety hazard. When poorly done and improperly maintained, it can lead to electrical fires, short circuits, and loss of life and property.

Electrical wiring updates, including data cables and hardwiring, can drastically improve home safety and increase the electrical power for new appliances. You may also use wireless cabling to connect your communication devices to the main power system. We must note that in an electrical renovation, it is essential that tasks such as replacing old wiring be handled by a licensed electrician.

3. Change The Electrical Panels And Switchboard

Electrical upgrades in your home renovation should include replacing the electrical panel to make your electrical system energy-efficient. Identify which break and panel type will suit your household needs and cater to your daily power consumption.

If installing new wiring or appliances, you can also ensure that your power needs are met by replacing your old electrical switchboard.

Testing Circuit Breaker Safety Switch

4. Add Backup To Power Sources

If you want a smart home, consider installing generators and solar panels to save energy for blackouts. This way, you can stop worrying about sudden load sheddings and power surges while sustainably using stored energy.

5. Switch Up Your Power Outlets

Besides electric shock and accidental fire, poor and damaged power outlets negatively affect the functionality of your home by restricting the use of smart appliances. Upgrading to high-quality power outlets can support electrical equipment with higher power consumption.

Additionally, some newly improved outlets, such as built-in Universal Serial Bus (USB) adaptors, Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs), and tamper-resistant receptacles, offer safety against fire hazards and short circuits.

Another important electrical renovation regarding power outlets is childproofing them. This is especially important if you have children in your home since child-proof receptacles prevent them from inserting objects into the outlets, which can lead to severe accidents.

6. Smart Home Features

Smart Home Features Phone

Upgrading your household devices and appliances into smart ones can be sustainable in the long term. Modern technology such as intuitive lighting, smart door lock, surveillance and CCTV cameras, smart home alarm systems, motion detectors, and smart smoke alarms can improve the security and comfort of your home. It can also reduce your energy consumption if you are using outdated appliances.

Even though these smart features will enable you to control things at home remotely, they are pretty difficult to install without professional electrical services.

7. Install Surge Protectors

Consider installing surge protectors to protect your house from power surges. These protectors can create a safer living environment by diverting excess electrical voltage to a proper ground wire in cases of surges.

Usually plugged into electrical devices, surge protectors fully protect your home’s electric technology; it’s a critical step in electrical renovation!

8. Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters can prevent electric shocks since they cut off electricity when an outlet comes in contact with water. These circuit breakers are popular electrical upgrades among homeowners due to their ability to enhance security throughout the whole house. This is also an official renovating requirement and an essential construction clause for most homeowners.

Person Testing Switchboard

9. Charging Stations

Nowadays, our lives are extremely saturated with communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, VR gear, etc. So, consider installing charging stations for all your devices to cater to this growing need.

10. Advanced Smoke Alarms

Smart smoke alarms can speedily detect increased temperatures in a particular space, unlike traditional older models. This is one of the most beneficial electrical upgrades since it can notify you of a house fire, even when you’re away.

Electrician Installing Light Roof

11. Upgrade To LED Lighting

An electrical renovation can help reduce your electric bills. To ensure your home is energy-efficient, upgrade to LED lighting since it can save up to 90% of electrical consumption compared to traditional halogens and light bulbs. Besides low power bills, you are guaranteed a long-lasting lighting solution with eco-friendly materials and versatile designs.

12. Install Ceiling Fans

Another method to save on your power bills is installing ceiling fans with a design that works for your room aesthetic. A ceiling fan can help with those warm days when an air conditioner is not required.

Make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable with these affordable fixtures.

Installing White Ceiling Fan

13. Consider Solar Panels

If you can invest more in energy-saving technology, consider installing solar panels to generate your own electricity. Solar panels store solar energy daily and transform it into electrical power for you at home.

If you install these, you’ll no longer need to worry about increasing gas prices or high electricity bills. In addition, solar panels require very little maintenance but can last long!

Power Up Your Home: Maximising Your Home Renovation with Electrical Upgrades

The above-listed electrical upgrades are dependable ways of renovating your home into a safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient space. Electrical upgrades during renovations are also a must if you’re considering selling your property–-so don’t let a faulty electrical system reduce your property value!

Precision Electrical and Plumbing offers professional electrical services in Melbourne, from house wiring, electrical system updates, and lighting repairs to speedy safety checks and electrical fault repairs. With a 24/7, highly-experienced response team, we are one of Melbourne’s best electrical service companies.

So, give us a call today for an electrical upgrade!

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